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Amigos de Kronk

Specialists in dog training and behavior in Barcelona and surrounding areas


Let's be the
best friend
of our dog

It has always been said that the dog is the best friend of the human being. At Friends of Kronk, as specialists in canine bonding and behavior, our mission is to go one step further: we strive to ensure that humans become their dog's best friend. We focus our efforts on enriching the human-animal relationship and promoting harmonious coexistence at home with our beloved furry companions in Barcelona and its surroundings.


Focused on Strengthening Bonds with your Furry Companion, at Friends of Kronk, we understand that the relationship between humans and dogs is unique and special. Our specialization is aimed at strengthening this bond and deeply understanding canine behavior.


Our commitment covers Barcelona and its surroundings, where we work tirelessly to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary for you and your dog to live in harmony and become the best of friends.


Our philosophy

At Amigos de Kronk, we have adopted a philosophy that aims to revolutionize the perception of dog training and dog education in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. More than simply focusing on your dog's training, we strive to empower you to communicate effectively, regardless of fear, submission or intimidation, in the process of dog training and dog ethology. Our goal is to strengthen that special bond, taking into consideration both your needs and those of your furry companion. We strive to adapt the solutions to the reality of both, achieving a balance between what you require and what your faithful friend needs in terms of Education, Ethology and dog training in Barcelona and its surroundings.


At Friends of Kronk, we have set out to change the traditional perception of dog training. We not only focus on your dog, but we also teach you how to establish effective communication, discarding the use of fear, submission or intimidation, and promoting training based on mutual respect.


Our mission is to improve the connection between you and your furry friend, taking into account both perspectives: yours and your dog's. We strive to understand and address the needs of both parties, adapting our strategies to achieve harmonious coexistence based on mutual respect.


At Friends of Kronk, we embrace an approach to dog training that fosters mutual understanding and respect, thus enriching the relationship between you and your faithful companion.


Together, we will forge harmony in your home, where mutual understanding and mutual respect are the pillars of a strong relationship between you and your furry companion. As professional dog trainers and ethologists, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional education, ethology and dog training service in the Barcelona region.


At Friends of Kronk, we advocate for ethical training, respectful education and a deep understanding of dog ethology in Barcelona and its surroundings. We work tirelessly to be your ally in the search for an enriching coexistence with your beloved pet. By learning to communicate effectively and respectfully with your dog, you will strengthen the bond between both and live a truly rewarding experience in the world of dog training, dog education and canine ethology in Barcelona.

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