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A Well-Trained Dog is an Achievable Reality

At Friends of Kronk, we firmly believe that a well-behaved dog is more than a possibility, it is an achievable reality thanks to positive and respectful dog training. Our commitment is to help you enjoy everyday life with your faithful four-legged companion, contributing to a more harmonious coexistence both in your home and in your neighborhood in Barcelona.

Imagine being able to walk around Barcelona without worrying about being pulled on the leash, enjoying a moment on a terrace without the gaze of neighboring tables becoming uncomfortable due to your dog's barking or his restlessness.

Visualize the freedom of releasing it in the park in Barcelona city or surrounding areas and when you call it, it responds immediately, without running in the opposite direction or accidentally dirtying a pedestrian dressed in white.

At Friends of Kronk, we make what may seem impossible possible thanks to our experience in dog training based on respect, effective communication and love for dogs. We provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve a harmonious coexistence with your furry friend, while we contribute to their physical and emotional well-being.

Discover the Joy of Having a Well-Behaved Dog, no matter what challenges you face, we are here to help you overcome them.

Discover the joy of having a well-behaved dog thanks to our experience in positive and respectful dog training in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and experience everyday life in a new and exciting way.

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