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Walking Services to Improve the Relationship with your Dog in Barcelona and Surroundings


In addition to our dog training and education services, we are also here to help you improve your relationship with your dog through our walking services in Barcelona and surrounding areas. We understand that sometimes busy schedules can hinder the time needed to properly walk your dog. This lack of exercise can lead to excess accumulated energy and, consequently, generate coexistence problems both at home and on walks.


Specialized Attention on Walks in Barcelona and Surroundings. At Amigos de Kronk we are prepared to provide your dog with the attention and exercise it needs in Barcelona and its surroundings. With our walking services, we not only ensure that your pet stays physically active, but we also contribute to their emotional well-being. A balanced and happy dog is essential for a harmonious coexistence.


The Solution for Busy Schedules in Barcelona and Surroundings, If your schedule is very tight in Barcelona and its surroundings, let us help you. We adapt to your schedules and needs to ensure your dog receives adequate exercise and attention, even on the busiest days.


Improve your relationship with your dog and promote a more harmonious coexistence in Barcelona and its surroundings by providing it with the walk it deserves.

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